Britta Eickholt

Institute:Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Cluster of Excellence NeuroCure and Institute of Biochemistry, Berlin, Germany
Title:The actin binding protein Drebrin is required for astrogliosis and scar formation by controlling polarized membrane trafficking of adhesion receptors
Location:H.R.Kruytgebouw O128
Abstract:["The Central Nervous System (CNS) of higher mammals is particularly vulnerable to traumatic injuries\r\nand diseases but lacks a significant capacity to regenerate lost neurons and, consequently, to regain\r\nthe functionality of damaged brain areas. Therefore, an immediate and persistent containment of\r\nany locally occurring pathological incident is required to avoid the propagation of inflammation and\r\nneurodegeneration into the uninjured brain parenchyma. I will present our data that provide a\r\nnovel perspective and mechanistic insight regarding the function of drebrin as injury-specific actin\r\nregulator for membrane trafficking and adhesion responses.\r\nWe show that mechanical injuries in vitro and in vivo induce in astrocytes an ad hoc upregulation of\r\ndrebrin, which is required for the coordinated formation of glial scars. On the molecular level,\r\ndrebrin deficiency affects trafficking of Rab8-positive tubular endosomes and leads to their\r\ndisruption. Dispersed Rab8 impairs membrane trafficking, evoking the mislocalisation and failed\r\nturnover of adhesion receptors. We propose a model for drebrin in orchestrating actin dynamics on\r\ntubular endosomes to enable polarized membrane trafficking and controlled turnover of crucial\r\nreceptors, which reactive astrocytes require to form glial scars and protect the sensitive CNS from\r\ntraumatic brain injuries."]
Host:Martin Harterink