Christophe Thiele

Institute:Limes Institute, Bonn
Title:Tracing lipid metabolism using click-chemistry
Abstract:["Lipid metabolism is important for normal function at all levels of an organism. Aberrations in lipid metabolism are associated with pathological states and have become a focus of current research, particularly due to the interest in metabolic overload diseases. Here we present a click-chemistry based method that allows tracing of fatty acid, glycerolipid, sphingolipid and cholesterol metabolism in virtually any biological system. It combines high sensitivity with excellent linearity and fast sample turnover. Since it is free of radioactivity, it can be combined with any other modern analysis technology and can be used in high-throughput applications. I will present examples such as analysis of cellular fatty metabolism with high time resolution, comprehensive comparison of utilization of a broad spectrum of fatty acids in hepatoma and adipose cell lines, and applications in in-vitro assays of lipid metabolising enzymes."]
Host:Joost Holthuis