Michael Hensel

Institute:Mikrobiology, University of Osnabruk
Title:Remodeling of the host cell endosomal system by intracellular Salmonella enterica
Abstract:["Salmonella enterica is a facultative intracellular pathogen that creates two unique membrane compartments within host cells. The 'Salmonella-containing vacuole' (SCV) has certain characteristics of late endosomal vesicles, i.e. presence of lysosomal membrane proteins (e.g. LAMP-1) and an acidic pH. Effector proteins translocated by the SPI2-encoded type III secretion system are essential for intracellular life of Salmonella and interfere with vesicular transport processes of the host cell. A remarkable consequence of this interference is the formation of a second compartment consisting of long tubular aggregates of endosomal membranes, so-called 'Salmonella-induced filaments' or SIF. Recently, additional tubular membrane compartments of different origin have been identified in Salmonella-infected cells.

Recent analyses by our group and others revealed that Salmonella modifies vesicular traffic of host cells in a highly dynamic manner, resulting in rapidly extending and contracting SIF. Further ultrastructural analyses resulted in a series of unexpected observations."]
Host:Bernd Helms - (0)30 253 5375