Pete Cullen

Institute:School of Biochemistry, University of Bristol, UK
Title:Mechanistic details of integral protein sorting through the endo-lysosomal network: insights into human disease
Abstract:["On arriving into the endosomal network newly endocytosed integral proteins face a key fate decision: either sorting for lysosomal-mediated degradation or retrieval from this fate for export and recycling back to the cell surface. Unlike our understanding of the molecular machinery that orchestrate sorting into the degradative fate, those events that mediate retrieval and export for recycling are poorly described. Our aim is to achieve a thorough mechanistic understanding of these events and in so doing, reveal the importance of endosomal sorting in cell, tissue and organism-level physiology. Currently we are investigating the role of the endosomal network and in particular the retromer complex in the pathology of neurological disorders like Parkinson\u2019s Disease. The talk will provide a conceptual overview of our current mechanistic understanding prior to presenting our latest unpublished work."]
Host:Judith Klumperman