Wanda Kukulski

Institute:MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
Title:Linking architecture and function of cellular membranes by correlative microscopy
Abstract:["Cellular membranes generate boundaries that compartmentalize the cell and at the same time host a large diversity of functions. The diverse roles of cellular membranes are tightly coupled to their architecture. Despite their importance, we know little about how membrane shape, protein composition and supramolecular organization reciprocally impact each other. Our lab's goal is to understand mechanisms by which membrane architecture contributes to cellular functions. We are currently focusing on contact sites between organelle membranes and in mitochondrial membrane dynamics, particularly in the context of mitophagy. Our main tools are correlative light and electron microscopy methods. By localizing fluorescent signals in electron tomograms of resin-embedded cells with high precision, we link the presence or absence of key proteins to the 3D membrane ultrastructure. To identify and visualize proteins associated with cellular membranes, we combine cryo fluorescence microscopy with cryo electron tomography of vitreous sections and FIB-milled lamella."]
Host:Judith Klumperman - (0)88 755 6650