William Hancock

Institute:The Hancock Lab, Pennsylvania State University, US
Title:A molecular view of microtubule dynamic instability and it’s regulation by mitotic kinesins
Location:H.R.Kruytgebouw N507
Abstract:["Despite the importance of microtubules in cell division and cell migration, and the fact that they are targets of a number of anticancer drugs, the molecular mechanism of microtubule dynamic instability is not understood. \r\nUsing Interferometric Scattering Microscopy to visualize gold nanoparticle-labeled tubulin incorporating into growing microtubules, we are able to directly measure the on- and off-rates for tubulin incorporation into the microtubule lattice, and thus provide new quantitative constraints for models of dynamic instability. \r\nWe are also investigating the regulation of dynamic instability by mitotic kinesins from the kinesin-5 family. We find that kinesin-5 enhances microtubule polymerization by stabilizing a straight conformation of tubulin. \r\nThese high-resolution studies will be discussed in the context of the numerous roles of microtubules in cells."]
Host:Anna Akhmanova