IB AIO Committee

The main goal of the IB-AIO/OIO committee is to promote the interests of all graduate students united in the Institute of Biomembranes. If Ph.D. students have problems with, or questions or suggestions about the daily practice of the IB, they can pose these to the IB-AIO/OIO committee. Subsequently, one of the committee members will inform the IB board about problems or useful ideas.

Another major goal of the committee is to strengthen the scientific and social contacts between graduate students of the different research fields. To promote these goals, a two-day meeting will be held for Ph.D. students (no staff members allowed). During this meeting, graduate students can get to know each other on friendly terms, regardless of their research field or graduate year. Half a day will be reserved for the annual IB-AIO/OIO meeting, in which subjects regarding the interests of all Ph.D. students within the IB can be discussed and voted upon.

We are eager to receive your suggestions, questions, or problems about the IB!!

The members of the IB-AIO/OIO committee are:

For questions and remarks: committeeib@gmail.com

  • 2020/12/17 – IB College Tour: Jansen & Verhey

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Van Deenen Medallist 2019:
VDM winner Wolfgang Baumeister is congratulated by Friedrich Förster

PhD publication prize winner 2019:
Anne Janssen is congratulated by Bernd Helms