AIO Evenings 2002

February 21 Biogenesis, Translocation & Sorting
  • Roeland Wieringa (Virology, Vet.Med.): Envelope glycoproteins in the assembly of equine arterivirus
  • Dennis van Hoof (Biochemical Physiology, Biol.): Receptor-mediated endocytosis of insect lipipolyproteins results in a transferrin-like intracellular pathway
  • Rinse Klooster (Molecular Cell Biology, Biol.): Llama antibody fragments: a new tool in proteomics
  • Edward Dolk (Molecular Cell Biology, Biol.): Stability and protein folding: unique properties of llama
March 21 Membrane Proteins
  • Lucy Vandeputte-Rutten (Cristal & Structural Chemistry, Chem.): Crystal structure of the outer membrane protease OmpT from E. coli and its implications
  • Jeroen Kortekaas (Molecular Microbiology, Biol.): Development of a vaccine against Neisseria miningitidis using iron-limitations inducible outer membrane proteins as vaccine components
  • Dragomir Ganchev (Biochemistry of Membranes, Chem.): Investigating biological samples using AFM – one look at single molecules and beyond
  • Lucas Herfst (Medical Physiology, Med.): Compound heterozygosity leading to cardiac conduction defects. A worst case scenario
April 25 Signal Transduction
  • Thomas van Himbergen (Haematology, UMCU): Paraoxonase and Atherosclerosis
  • Angelique van Opstal (Molecular Cell Biology, Biol.): The role of actin cytoskeleton during M/G1 transition
  • Jan de Jong (Molecular Microbiology): An extracellular protease degrading hydrophobins in Schizophyllum commune
  • Martin Sachse (Cell Biology, UMCU): Clathrin coats on endocomal vacuoles
May 23 Biogenesis, Translocation & Sorting
  • Boris Tefsen (Molecular Microbiology, Biol.): Lipid transport in Gram negative bacteria
  • Dennis van Hoof (Biochemical Physiology, Biol.): Receptor-mediated endocytosis of insect lipoproteins results in a transferring-like intracellular pathway
  • Edgar Kooijman (Biochemistry of Membranes, Chem.): Biophysical characterization characterization pf PA and LPA
  • Giel Hendriks (Cell Biology, UMCU): Molecular cell biology of the aquaporij 2 water transpor
October 17 Biogenesis, Translocation & Sorting
  • Jasja Wolthoorn (Membrane Enzymology, Chem.): Glycosphingolipids are involved in pigmentation.How could this work?
  • Marije Liscaljet (Bio-Organic Chemistry, Chem.): Folding of the HIV-1 envelope glyprotein in the endoplasmicreticulum
  • Ioana Popa (Cell Biology, UMCU): Identification of rab4 effector complexes
  • Arman Vinck (Molecular Microbiology, Biol.): Localized gene expression in filamentous fungi
November 14 Membrane Proteins
  • Clasien Oomen (Cristal & Structural Chemistry, Chem.): The crystal structure of the translocator domain of NalP gives insight into the translocation mechanism of autotransporters (type V secretion)
  • Patricia Spijkers (Haemotology, UMCU): Interaction between C4b-binding protein and LDL-receptor related protein
  • Suat Özdirekcan (Biochemistry of Membranes, Chem.): Structure and orientation of transmembrane peptides as measured by solid state deuterium NMR
  • Klazien Huitema (Membrane Enzymology, Chem.): Characterisation and physiological significance of inositol phosphoryl ceramide synthase, the yeast homologue of sphingomyelin synthase
December 12 Signal Transduction
  • René Verwaal (Molecular Cell Biology, Biol.): Function and transcriptional regulation of the hexose transporter HXT5 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Denise van Suylekom (Molecular Cell Biology, Biol.): Nutrient-regulated cell cycle progression of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Diana Avram (Biochemistry of Lipids, Chem.): Neutrophils: kamikaze or the heroes in our blood? Identification of endogenous tyrosylated proteins by a fluorescent and proteomic approach.
  • Marjolein van Lier (Haemotology, UMCU): Involvement of cholesterol microdomains in platelet signalling
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