AIO Evenings 2003

February Biogenesis, Translocation & Sorting
  • Viorica Ivan (Celbiologie, UMCU): EEA2, a novel endosomal FYVE domain protein
  • Jorik Arts (Microbiologie, BIO): A dedicated pathway for the innermembrane translocation of pseudo-pilins in Pseudomonas aeruginosa?
  • David Halter (Membraan Enzymology, CHEM): Is glucosylceramide transported by MDR1?
  • Dora Kaloyanova (Vet. Biochemie, VET): Association of a Golgi protein to phagosomal membranes
March Membrane Protein
  • Bas de Laat (Heamatology, UMCU): Salt-resistent Antibodies Predispose to Arterial Thrombosis in Anti-phospholipid Syndrome.
  • Rinse Klooster (Molecular Cell Biology, BIO): Depletion of Bulkproteins from Serum: The First Step towards Proteome Analysis.
  • Bianca van Duyl (Biochemistry of Membranes, CHEM): The Partitioning of Peptides and Lipids in Raft-like Domains in Model Membranes.
April Signal Transduction
  • Maarten Moes (Cell Biology, BIO): Role of microgravity on actin metabolism in mammalian cells.
  • Martijn Schenning (Biochemistry of Lipids, CHEM): PI-transfer protein alpha stimulates the production of a mitogenic and anti-apoptotic factor.
  • Quirine Lisman (Membrane Enzymology, CHEM): Protein sorting in the late Golgi of yeast does not require complex sphingolipids.
  • Bahram Badlou (Haematology, Bloedbank, UMCU): Prolonged platelet preservation by transient metabolic suppression.
May Biogenesis, Translocation and Sorting
  • Marcel Smolenaars (Biochemical Physiology, BIO): Assembly of insect lipoproteins
  • Jenny Smit (BOC I, CHEM): Ero1-L alfa protein: from DNA to crystal structure
  • Heine Deelstra (Microbiology, BIO): Repellents & Hydrophobins of Ustilago maydis
  • Monique van den Eijnden (Cell Biology, UMCU): A role for Epstein Barr virus in growth hormone receptor endocytosis
October Biogenesis, Translocation and Sorting
  • Sonja Busschow (Cell Biology, UMCU): Regulation of exosome secretion
  • Josse van Galen (Biochemistry/Cell biol., VET): GAPR-1, a novel protein that localizes to lipid rafts in the Golgi complex
  • Ana Levin (Microbiology, BIO): Differential secretion and gene expression in Aspergillus niger
  • Henry Boumann (Biochemistry of Membranes, CHEM): Exploring for PC remodelling enzymes in S. cerevisiae
November Membrane Proteins
  • Robin Spelbrink (Biochemistry of Membranes, CHEM): NStructural aspects of the bacterial potassium channel KcsA
  • Kennth van Driel (Microbiology/Cell Biology, BIO): Isolation and characterization of the septal pore cap
  • Maarten Pennings (Haemotology, UMCU): Dimers of beta-2 GPI increase platelet deposition to collagen via interaction with phospholipids and the ApoER2′ : An explanation for thrombosis in the anti-phospholipid syndrome
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