AIO Evenings 2004

February 12 Biogenesis, Translocation & Sorting
  • Nicole Hafkemeijer (BOC1, Chem.): The effect of the novel ER protein smERp1 on our model proteins
  • Bram Herpers (Cell Biology, Med.): What can the exocytic pathway of Drosophila oocytes tell us?
  • Onno Bleijerveld (Biochemistry & Cell Biology Vet. Med.): Regulation of posphatidylethanolamine biosynthesis in mammalian cells
  • Klazien Huitema (Membrane Enzymology, Chem.): Identification of a family of animal sphingomyelin synthases
March 18 Membrane Protein
  • Kim Retra (Biochemistry & Cell Biology Vet. Med.): Membrane lipids of parasites and their interaction with the host
  • Justine Hulstein (Haematology, Med.): Active Von Willebrand factor in circulation
  • Brahma Badlou (Haematology, Med.)
April 15 Signal Transduction
  • Mark de Jong (Moleculaire Genetica, Bio.): The hunt for proteins functioning at the host-pathogen interface in Arabidopsis thaliana.
  • Hanneke Bunte (Biochem. of Lipids, Chem.): Protein oxidation and Amyotrophic laterel sclerosos: visualisation and identification.
  • Masja van Oort (Biochem. Physiology, Bio.): Recycling of the fatty acid transporter, CD 36, as target for the treatment for type 2 diabetes.
May 13 Biogenesis, Translocation and Sorting
  • Peter Verheesen (Cell Biology, Bio.): Directing and monitoring the selection of VHH from non-immune libraries
  • Freya Senf (Microbiology, Bio.): Structure and assembly of the type II secretion system in Pseudomonas auruginosa
  • Vincent van Dam (Biochemistry of Membranes, Chem.): The transport of cell wall subunits across the bacterial membrane
  • Claudia Fila (Cell Biology, UMCU): Rab4 during mitosis
October 14 Biogenesis, Translocation and Sorting
  • Chantal Christis (Cellular Protein Chemistry, Chem.): Changes in the endoplasmic reticulum during cellular differentiation
  • Hezder van Nispen tot Pannerden (Cell Biology, Med.): Transformation of the endosomal system in 3 dimensions/li>
  • Patricia Verhulst (Membrane Enzymology, Chem.): Pathophysiology of P-type ATPase-dependent lipid transport
  • Nico Boot (Molecular Genetics, Bio.): Towards identification of infection-related proteins at the host-pathogen interface of Arabidopsis thaliana infected with respectively Pseudomonas syringae or Peronospora parasitica
November 18 Membrane Proteins
  • Teun de Boer (Medical Physiology, Med.): Electrophysiological characterization of a new gap-junction protein from Xenopus
  • Pieter Rijken (Biochemistry of Membranes, Chem.): The activity of yeast mitochondrial Gut2 depends on the PC content of the mitochondrial membrane
  • Koen van Grinsven (Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Vet. Med.): Searching for RQ-synthase
December 16 Signal Transduction
  • Angelique van Opstal (Cell Biology, Bio.): Cell cycle control by PI3 – kinase
  • Irlando Ferreira (Haematology, Med.): Glucose uptake by Glut3 is mediated by PKB/AKT
  • Denise van Suijlekom (Cell Biology, Bio.): Characterization of Hxt5: Similarity of and differences between major hexose transporters and Hxt5
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