AIO Evenings 2009

  • Charissa de Bekker (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology):
    Single cell analysis to study secretion heterogeneity in Aspergillus niger
  • Maaike  Pols (Medicine – UMCU Cell Biology):
    Transport pathways of lysosomal membrane protein CD63 and the role of syntaxin-7 in lysosome biogenesis
  • Bram  Dorresteijn (Science – Dept. of Biology Biomolecular Imaging):
    Applications of VHHs in protein aggregation diseases
  • Chris  Emmerson (Science – Dept. of Biology Biomolecular Imaging):
    The characterization of the apical-to-basolateral transcytotic pathway
  • Romain  Galmes (Medicine – UMCU Cell Biology):
    Role of VPS33B, a subunit of the HOPS and CORVET complexes, in lysosomal-associated membrane proteins trafficking in mammalian cells
  • Pauline  Krijgsheld (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology):
    Growth independent and sporulation-inhibited protein secretion in Aspergillus niger
  • Marian  Aalberts (Veterinary Medicine Biochemistry and Cell Biology):
    Isolation, characterization and function of prostasomes
  • Andrea  Gorlani (Science – Dept. of Biology Biomolecular Imaging):
    “HIV-1entry inhibitors Llama VHHs have favorable properties for use as vaginal microbicides”
  • Sander  Engels (Science – Dept. of Chemistry Cellular Protein Chemistry – Veterinary Medicine Infectious Diseases and Immunology):
    The production of immunoglobulin M in plasma cells is assisted by the small ER protein pERp1
  • Jerre van Veluw (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology):
    Heterogeneity in Aspergillus niger mycelium
  • Robert de Vries (Science – Dept. of Chemistry Cellular Protein Chemistry – Veterinary Medicine Infectious Diseases and Immunology):
    Sialic acid-binding properties of recombinant soluble trimeric hemagglutinin ectodomains
  • Mokrish  Ajat (Veterinary Medicine Biochemistry and Cell Biology):
    Vitamin A and Lipid Droplets
  • Robert-Jan  Bleichrodt (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology):
    Intercellular protein transport in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus niger
  • Arjan  Boerke (Veterinary Medicine Biochemistry and Cell Biology):
    Atomic force microscopy on sperm cells
  • Fikadu  Geta Tafesse (Science – Dept. of Chemistry Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics):
    A ceramide sensor hiding in the sphingomyelin synthase family
  • Jacques  Doux (Science – Dept. of Chemistry Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics):
    Protein-lipid interactions: understanding the influences of electrostatic interactions
  • Ester  Rieter (Medicine – UMCU Cell Biology):
    Isolation and mass spectrometry analysis of the Atg9 reservoirs
  • Johanna  Schaefer (Veterinary Medicine Biochemistry and Cell Biology):
    Interactions between host cell and Salmonella
  • Rob  Mesman (Science – Dept. of Chemistry Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics):
    Lipid droplet formation
  • Pei-Shiue  Tsai (Veterinary Medicine Biochemistry and Cell Biology):
    How sperm prepares to fertilize: SNARE mediated acrosome docking and priming to the plasma membrane
  • no  speaker (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology):
  • Radhakrishan  Panatala Narendranath (Science – Dept. of Chemistry Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics):
    Towards non-genetic manipulation of P4 ATPase-catalyzed lipid transport: delving into the significance and inner workings of flippases
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