Fundamentals of light microscopy


The aim of this course is to provide participants the fundamental knowledge about sample preparation for light microscopy, acquisition of good quality images and performing basic image analysis; as well as general background information on microscopy. The course also includes a hands-on session to gain basic knowledge on how to operate a microscope properly. After the course students should have all the basic knowledge to start performing independent light microscopy experiments.


Light microscopy is the most widely used from of microscopy for life science research. The correct handling of the microscope and optimizing image quality as well as experimental design and sample preparation are crucial to obtain the best results.

All too often a microscope is treated as a photo camera where there is only one button to push resulting in faulty data and wrong scientific conclusions. In this course we will try to give insight in all crucial steps and provide a good starting point for further experiments.

We can offer courses about specific light microscope techniques: widefield microscopy, confocal microscopy and live cell imaging.

Our course consist of a few lectures about the theory and a 2 hour hands-on session on a microscope that is suitable for the subject. We can have groups of max 8 people in one course.

Couse duration

1 day

Course dates

Upon individual request, we aim to give a course twice a year.

Contact person

Dr. Nalan Liv (