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AIO Evenings 2002

February 21 Biogenesis, Translocation & Sorting Roeland Wieringa (Virology, Vet.Med.): Envelope glycoproteins in the assembly of equine arterivirus Dennis van Hoof (Biochemical Physiology, Biol.): Receptor-mediated endocytosis of insect lipipolyproteins results in a transferrin-like intracellular pathway Rinse Klooster (Molecular Cell Biology,

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AIO Evenings 2003

February Biogenesis, Translocation & Sorting Viorica Ivan (Celbiologie, UMCU): EEA2, a novel endosomal FYVE domain protein Jorik Arts (Microbiologie, BIO): A dedicated pathway for the innermembrane translocation of pseudo-pilins in Pseudomonas aeruginosa? David Halter (Membraan Enzymology, CHEM): Is glucosylceramide transported

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AIO Evenings 2004

February 12 Biogenesis, Translocation & Sorting Nicole Hafkemeijer (BOC1, Chem.): The effect of the novel ER protein smERp1 on our model proteins Bram Herpers (Cell Biology, Med.): What can the exocytic pathway of Drosophila oocytes tell us? Onno Bleijerveld (Biochemistry

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AIO Evenings 2005

January 27 Vascular Membrane Biology Bas de Laat (Haematology, Med.): The detection of pathogenic anti-beta2GPI antibodies in the antiphospholipid syndrome Michael Eman (Cell Biology, Bio. & Mass Spectrometry, Chem.): Unraveling endothelial senescence by using differential proteome analysis David Ishola (Nephrology,

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AIO Evenings 2006

16-02-2006 Biogenesis, Translocation and Sorting Elena  Volokhina (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology): Structure and function of a protein essential for outer membrane protein assembly in Gram-negative bacteria. Joyce  Putters (Medicine – UMCU Cell Biology): How is the interaction between the growth hormone

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AIO Evenings 2007

15-02-2007 Biogenesis, Translocation and Sorting Nicole  Testerink (Veterinary Medicine Biochemistry and Cell Biology): formation and degradation of lipid droplets in hepatic stellate cells Vincent van Dam (Science – Dept. of Chemistry Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics): Transport of peptidoglycan sub-units across the bacterial membrane 15-03-2007 Signal

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AIO Evenings 2008

14-02-2008 All Themes Virginie  Roussel (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology): Channel properties of autotransporter translocator domains Patricia  Verhulst (Science – Dept. of Chemistry Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics): Caco-2 cells deficient in ATP8B1/FIC1 display apical plasma membrane aberrations unrelated to flippase activity Cveta  Tomova

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AIO Evenings 2009

12-02-2009 Charissa de Bekker (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology): Single cell analysis to study secretion heterogeneity in Aspergillus niger Maaike  Pols (Medicine – UMCU Cell Biology): Transport pathways of lysosomal membrane protein CD63 and the role of syntaxin-7 in lysosome biogenesis Bram  Dorresteijn (Science

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AIO Evenings 2010

11-02-2010 Eline van Meel (Medicine – UMCU Cell Biology): Man-6-P-dependent and independent targeting of lysosomal acid hydrolases Mijke  Vogels (Veterinary Medicine Biochemistry and Cell Biology): Interactions of intracellular pathogens with the Golgi apparatus Milla  Summanen (formerly Paalanen) (Science – Dept. of Biology Cell Biology): The effect of

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AIO Evenings 2011

10-02-2011 Elsa  Berends (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology): “Mushroom glycoengineering for production of therapeutic glycoproteins” Marta  Kijanka (formerly Mania) (Science – Dept. of Biology Cell Biology): “Development of anti-HER2 VHHs for breast cancer imaging” Oliver  Wicht (Science – Dept. of Chemistry Cellular Protein Chemistry

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Van Deenen Medallist 2020:
VDM winner Pietro De Camilli is congratulated by Bernd Helms and Lukas Kapitein

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