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AIO Evenings 2012

12-01-2012 Robert-Jan  Bleichrodt (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology): Inter-compartmental streaming in filamentous fungi Pauline  Krijgsheld (Science – Dept. of Biology Molecular Microbiology): Spatially resolving the secretome within the mycelium of the cell factory Aspergillus niger 09-02-2012 Chris  Emmerson (Science – Dept. of Biology Biomolecular

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  • December 17, 2020 – IB College Tour: Jansen & Verhey

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Van Deenen Medallist 2019:
VDM winner Wolfgang Baumeister is congratulated by Friedrich Förster

PhD publication prize winner 2019:
Anne Janssen is congratulated by Bernd Helms