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Philip Woodman

Mitogenic growth factor receptors such as the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) are tyrosine kinase receptors that are activated by ligand binding. One critical mechanism allowing the control of signalling responses downstream of EGFR is limiting the duration of EGFR

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Philippe Benaroch

Macrophages are versatile cells present in most tissues and endowed with a variety of different functions, including in innate and adaptive immunity against pathogens. Macrophages are targets of HIV and implicated in HIV-1 pathogenesis. They are also long-lived reservoir of

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Ira Mellman

Ira Mellman is Vice President of Research Oncology at Genentech. Ira is a cell biologist with a long standing interest in membrane traffic. His lab is reponsible for key observations leading to the initial discovery of endosomes, the mechanisms of

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Thomas Langer

Mitochondria are essential organelles whose functional integrity depends on a defined lipid composition of its membranes. The accumulation of phospholipids within mitochondria depends on interorganellar lipid transport between the ER and mitochondria, intramitochondrial phospholipid trafficking events and on the synthesis

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Cathy Jackson

The mechanisms of trafficking through cellular organelles such as the Golgi complex are intensively studied, but many questions remain unanswered. Small G proteins and membrane curvature sensors are key regulators of these membrane trafficking pathways. Activation of Arf1 is required

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Markus Wenk

Once viewed simply as a reservoir for carbon storage, lipids are no longer cast as bystanders in the drama of biological systems. The emerging field of lipidomics is driven by technology, most notably mass spectrometry, but also by complementary approaches

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