IB PhD Programme

Education for PhD students of the PhD program Biomembranes at the Graduate school of Life Sciences, Utrecht University

The PhD program “Biomembranes” provides educational activities for PhD students. A total of 18 EC can be obtained within 4 years if participating in all events of the program during the PhD period.

Table 1: Courses of Biomembranes

IB course 3 EC
Day of the Graduate students (4x) 1.5 EC
IB seminar program 5 EC
IB Conference on Biomembranes (4x) 1.5 EC
IB evenings for Graduate students 4 EC
IB AIO retreat (4x) 3 EC
Total EC 18

In order to obtain a Graduate School of Life Sciences (GS-LS) certificate, PhD students need to obtain 20 EC during his/her PhD period. The remaining points can be obtained via generic courses, and/or international (summer/winter) courses. At the site of the Graduate school of Life Sciences, all information about the PhD programmes as well as information for PhD students is available. Here you find more information about finances, courses and EC, CV and certificate.

Please download the information (in PDF format).