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Within the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GS-LS) of Utrecht University a large number of PhD students and post docs from different faculties are active. Training of PhD students is organized by PhD programmes of the GS-LS. As of 1-1-2009, the Institute of Biomembranes provides courses for PhD students within the PhD program “Biomembranes”. Below you will find the general registration form of the Institute of Biomembranes for all new staff, post docs and PhD students. Specifically for PhD students, a further registration is required by completing the Training & Supervision Agreement (TSA).

You can download the TSA via the web site of the GS-LS

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    Non-IB participants are officially member of a different Research and Graduate school (e.g. Bijvoet) but participate in part of the programs of the IB. The IB will not be responsible for further education, as described in the policy code.

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    PhD-training program & CV

    All PhD students that receive further training within the PhD program Biomembranes have access to a number of specific courses. In addition, together with the supervisors the PhD student will make a specific training program. All educational activities will have to be registered in a CV by the PhD student. Your IB project leader will evaluate your CV yearly.

    All PhD students will participate in the following courses:

    1. IB course (2 weeks) 3 ECTS

    2. Day of the Graduate students (4 x 1 day a year) 1.5 ECTS

    3. IB seminar program (average 35 seminars a year) 5 ECTS

    4. IB evenings for Graduate students (4 x 9 a year/27 h a year) 4 ECTS

    5. IB AIO retreat (4 x once a year, 2 days) 3 ECTS

    6. IB Conference on Biomembranes (4 x 1 day a year) 1.5 ECTS

    A total of 18 ECTS over 4 years can be obtained via the PhD program Biomembranes of the IB. PhD students can obtain addititonal ECTS credit point by following additional courses, for example summer schools and conferences as described in your TSA. In addition, generic courses will deliver 4 ECTS and other courses in other PhD programs can be followed as well. More information is available on the web site of the GS-LS, including information how to apply for a certificate.

    Website link

    April18&19 2024, IB conference & IB day of the PhD student


    Van Deenen Medallist 2020:
    VDM winner Pietro De Camilli is congratulated by Bernd Helms and Lukas Kapitein

    PhD publication prize winner 2022:
    Jan van der Beek is congratulated by Bernd Helms