IB Seminars 2014

Date Day Start Location Speaker Title Host
2014-12-09 Tuesday 17:00 RUPPERT 033 Anant K. Menon Phospholipid scramblases – new names to match old activities Joost Holthuis
2014-11-14 Friday 13:15 RUPPERT A Nick Lane The origin of membrane bioenergetics
2014-11-13 Monday 13:15 To be announced pending Andrew Osborne Transporting proteins across membranes and how the malaria parasite modifies its host cell
2014-09-19 Friday 13:15 RUPPERT 033 Maarten Kole Towards an understanding of the electrical basis of neural signals Casper Hoogenraad – (0)30 253 4585
2014-04-25 Friday 10:00 Pierre Mangin Platelet adhesion and thrombus growth: novel adhesive targets and influence of complex rheology Harry Heijnen
2014-04-11 Friday 13:15 Claudine Kraft Molecular regulation of autophagy: Atg 1 kinase and friends Fulvio Reggiori – (0)88 755 6551
2014-03-31 Monday 13:15 Philip Thomas Quality Assurance during protein translation Ineke Braakman
2014-03-14 Friday 13:15 Wiep Scheper The unfolded protein response and Alzheimer’s disease Judith Klumperman – (0)88 755 6650
2014-03-04 Tuesday 15:30 David Bolinsky From the Cave Wall to the Screen Harry Heijnen
2014-02-07 Friday 14:30 Maarten Titulaer Anti-NMDAR encephalitis: a new disease leading to new disease models
2014-01-31 Friday 13:15 Guillaume Drin Sterol/PI(4)P exchange by ORP and Osh proteins, across long distances or in contact sites, between the ER and trans-Golgi Frank van Kuppeveld

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