IB Seminars 2016

Date Day Start Location Speaker Title Host
2016-12-14 Wednesday 13:15 H.R.Kruytgebouw N507 Baris Bingol PINK1/Parkin/USP30 signaling in Parkinson’s Disease Casper Hoogenraad – (0)30 253 4585
2016-11-18 Friday 13:15 H.R.Kruytgebouw O622 Francesca Bottanelli Live-cell nanoscopy of protein sorting at the Golgi Bernd Helms – (0)30 253 5375
2016-10-28 Friday 13:00 Androclusgebouw W436 Mikhail Matrosovich What changes in the HA and NA of animal influenza viruses are required for their adaptation to humans? Xander de Haan
2016-10-14 Friday 13:15 UNNIK – GROEN 145 Mónika Fuxreiter Dynamic interactions and fuzzy structures in protein complexes and higher-order assemblies Stefan Rüdiger
2016-09-30 Friday 13:15 RUPPERT A Jeffrey L. Brodsky Endoplasmic Reticulum Associated Degradation (ERAD): Model Systems and Protein Conformational Disease Ineke Braakman
2016-04-15 Friday 13:15 To be announced pending Guojun Bu ApoE and TREM2 in Alzheimer’s disease: risk, mechanism and therapy Madelon Maurice

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