IB Seminars 2017

Date Day Start Location Speaker Title Host
2017-12-12 Tuesday 13:15 RUPPERT PAARS Joost Holthuis Using photoactivated lipids to dissect protein-lipid crosstalk in life-death decision making Peter van der Sluijs
2017-11-28 Tuesday 13:15 RUPPERT BLAUW Harrie Kampinga Anti-amyloidogenic properties of DNAJB6, a Hsp70 co-chaperone Peter van der Sluijs
2017-11-23 Thursday 16:00 RUPPERT PAARS Fulvio Reggiori The molecular mechanism of autophagy: Insights from yeast Peter van der Sluijs
2017-11-09 Thursday 12:00 H.R.Kruytgebouw Z409 Christophe Leterrier The axonal cytoskeleton at the nanoscale Amélie Freal
2017-11-03 Friday 14:15 Androclusgebouw W436 Martin Klima Structural basis for hijacking of the host ACBD3 and PI4KB proteins by picornaviruses Frank van Kuppeveld
2017-09-08 Friday 13:15 RUPPERT ROOD Leendert Hamoen How membrane charge, fluidity and curvature determine protein localization (And how this can help to elucidate the workings of antibiotics) Antoinette Killian

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