IB Seminars 2019

Date Day Start Location Speaker Title Host
2019-12-05 Thursday 12:00 RUPPERT 116 Deborah Fass Structural Insight into the Multi-Step Mechanism of Mucin Assembly Along the Secretory Pathway Ineke Braakman
2019-10-14 Monday 16:00 RUPPERT D Satyajit Mayor Active mechanics of acto-myosin drives the formation of functional membrane domains Anna Akhmanova
2019-09-23 Monday 16:00 H.R.Kruytgebouw N507 William Hancock A molecular view of microtubule dynamic instability and it’s regulation by mitotic kinesins Anna Akhmanova
2019-10-01 Tuesday 12:00 RUPPERT PAARS Janine Kirstein Remodelling of amyloid proteins by dynamic chaperone complexes Stefan Rüdiger
2019-09-05 Thursday 14:00 H.R.Kruytgebouw O128 Britta Eickholt The actin binding protein Drebrin is required for astrogliosis and scar formation by controlling polarized membrane trafficking of adhesion receptors Martin Harterink
2019-07-19 Friday 13:15 H.R.Kruytgebouw O128 Steven Claypool Mitochondrial membrane musings Toon de Kroon