IB Seminars 2020

Date Day Start Location Speaker Title Host
2024-05-23 Thursday 13:00 RUPPERT ROOD Simon Ebbinghaus & Fabio Sterpone Aggregation and Disaggregation in Stress Granules under Heat Stress & Proteome dynamics at the cell-death temperature: a picture of life adaptation to different thermal niches Arnold Boersma
2024-06-04 Monday 11:00 Hubrecht Auditorium Tarun Kapoor Regulating when and where a microtubule assembles: put a g-tubulin ring on it Anna Akhmanova
2024-05-15 Wednesday 15:15 RUPPERT PAARS Roberto Sitia Labour organization in the assembly line of secretory IgM Peter van der Sluijs
2024-05-13 Monday 16:00 RUPPERT A Sergio Grinstein Interactions of phagocytes with apoptotic cells and with invading microorganisms Judith Klumperman
2024-03-27 Wednesday 11:00 RUPPERT 042 Carmen Nussbaum-Krammer Prion-Like Spreading of Protein Misfolding in Neurodegenerative Diseases: From the Ambivalent Role of Molecular Chaperones to other Cellular Mechanisms Stefan RĂ¼diger
2024-03-22 Friday 13:00 RUPPERT ROOD Kasia Tych Using single-molecule methods to unravel functional details of a molecular chaperone