IB Seminars 2020

Date Day Start Location Speaker Title Host
2024-03-07 Thursday 15:00 RUPPERT A Tomer Avidor-Reiss The unexpected biology of reproductive centrioles – from model animals to human diagnostics
2024-02-01 Thursday 15:30 RUPPERT ROOD Christophe Letterier The axonal cytoskeleton down to the nanoscale Martin Harterink
2024-02-02 Friday 13:00 Roger Schneiter Lipid droplet biogenesis, what we learn from yeast Bernd Helms
2023-10-06 Friday 15:15 RUPPERT D Shaul Yogev TBA Martin Harterink
2023-05-30 Tuesday 13:00 RUPPERT A Swetha Gowhrishankar Neuronal lysosome transport and function: links to neurodegenerative diseases Judith Klumperman
2020-03-19 Thursday 11:00 RUPPERT ROOD Carmen Nussbaum Investigating the prion-like propagation of amyloidogenic proteins in C. elegans Stefan Rüdiger