Seminars 2007

Date Speaker Seminar Title Host Abstract
17-01-2007 Richard Farndale
University of Cambridge, Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge, UK
How is collagen recognised by other proteins? And does it matter? Jan Willem  Akkerman
[(0)88 755 7769]
09-02-2007 Pascal Therond
CNRS Nice, France
Secretion and Spreading of Hedgehog Familly Proteins Catherine  Rabouille
[(0)30-2121 941]
09-03-2007 Sandy Schmid
Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA
Dynamin’s role in endocytosis Catherine  Rabouille
[(0)30-2121 941]
27-03-2007 Mike Clague
University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
Ubiquitin in endosomal trafficking Ger  Strous
[(0)88 755 6551]
05-09-2007 Stephen Trent
Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Medical College Georgia, USA
Diversity of endotoxin structure: modification of Gram-negative bacterial lipid A Jan  Tommassen
[(0)30 253 2999]
14-11-2007 Adam Linstedt
Department of Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
Assembly and Disassembly of a Precarious Organelle: the Mammalian Golgi Apparatus Catherine  Rabouille
[(0)30-2121 941]
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