Seminars 2012

Date Speaker Seminar Title Host Abstract
13-01-2012 Rabouille / Zacharogianni
Disorganisation of the secretory pathway by aminoacid starvation via MAPK and TOR Catherine  Rabouille
[(0)30-2121 941]
20-01-2012 Markus Wenk
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Lipidomic approaches to host-pathogen interactions Bernd  Helms
[(0)30 253 5375]
Once viewed simply as a reservoir for carbon storage, lipids are no longer cast as bystanders in the drama of biological systems. The emerging field of lipidomics is driven by tech … read more
27-01-2012 Martin Harterink
Hubrecht Institute
Efficient secretion of Wnt proteins requires a novel SNX3 dependent retromer pathway Peter van der Sluijs
[(0)88 755 7578]
Note the time: 12.30 in stead of 13.00
03-02-2012 Cathy Jackson
Institut Jacques Monod/CNRS – Universite Paris Diderot-Paris7, Paris, France
Communication between membrane lipids and the protein trafficking machinery Catherine  Rabouille
[(0)30-2121 941]
The mechanisms of trafficking through cellular organelles such as theGolgi complex are intensively studied, but many questions remainunanswered. Small G … read more
10-02-2012 Thomas Langer
Institut fur Genetik, Universitat Koln, Germany
Prohibitin membrane scaffolds and the mitochondrial phospholipid metabolism Toon de Kroon
[(0)30 253 3424]
Mitochondria are essential organelles whose functional integrity depends on a defined lipid composition of its membranes. The accumulation of phospholipids within mitochondria depe … read more
24-02-2012 Ira Mellman
Genentech, San Fransisco
Dendritic cell endosomes in innate and adaptive immunity Judith  Klumperman
[(0)88 755 6650]
Ira Mellman is Vice President of Research Oncology at Genentech. Ira is a cell biologist with a long standing interest in membrane traffic. His lab is reponsible for key observatio … read more
9-3-2012 Philippe Benaroch
Institut Curie, Paris, France
A dynamic journey into HIV assembly in primary human macrophages Willem  Stoorvogel
[(0)30 253 2454]
Macrophages are versatile cells present in most tissues and endowed with a variety of different functions, including in innate and adaptive immunity against pathogens. Macrophages … read more
16-03-2012 Philip Woodman
Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester
The endocytic pathway and mitogenic receptor downregulation Peter van der Sluijs
[(0)88 755 7578]
Mitogenic growth factor receptors such as the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) are tyrosine kinase receptors that are activated by ligand binding. One critical mechanism all … read more
23-3-2012 Adabella van der Zand
Cellular Protein Chemistry, Universiteit Utrecht
Peroxisome biogenesis: a new organellar blueprint Ineke  Braakman
[(0)30 253 2759]
Peroxisomes are a new addition to the secretory pathway and form the endpoint of a new ER exit route. Although membrane proteins and lipids are acquired from the ER, peroxisomes ha … read more
30-03-2012 Arnaud Echard
Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
‘Lipid and cytoskeleton remodelling for endocytic recycling and successful cell devision Peter van der Sluijs
[(0)88 755 7578]
13-4-2012 Pierre-Yves Lozach
ETH Zurich
DC-SIGN as a Receptor for Phleboviruses: Receptor Dynamics during Virus Entry Christine Burkard
[(0)30 253 5094]
27-04-2012 Rob Cross
Warwick Medical School, UK
Alp7-Alp14 is a highly processive assembler for S. pombe tubulin that is inhibited by mammalian brain tubulin Anna Akhmanova
[(0)30 253 3951]
TACC proteins play a crucial but as yet poorly understood role in thespatiotemporal control of microtubule assembly, and specifically in mitotic spindle assembly. Al … read more
11-05-2012 Dan Cutler
University College London, London, UK
Formation and Functioning of Weibel-Palade Bodies; Endothelial Organelles for Vascular First Aid Peter van der Sluijs
[(0)88 755 7578]
25-05-2012 Anne Spang ‘Intracellular traffic in C. elegans’ Catherine Rabouille
[(0)30-2121 941]
15-06-2012 Jean Luc Popot
Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, Paris, France
Applications of amphipols to membrane protein studies Antoinette Killian
[(0)30 253 3442]
Amphipols (APols) are short amphipathic polymers designed to substitute to detergents for handling membrane proteins (MPs) in aqueous solutions. Upon trapping a MP with APols, a no … read more
22-06-2012 Jim Paulson
Departments of Chemical Physiology and Molecular Biology, La Jolla, US
The Yin and Yang of Sialic acids: Receptors of Influenza and Determinants of Self Xander de Haan
[(0)30 253 4195]
Sialic acids decorate all mammalian cells and play numerous important roles in cell surface biology. They serve as receptors of pathogens like influenza virus, that recognize these … read more
29-06-2012 Wouter den Otter
Computational BioPhysics and Multi-Scale Mechanics, Universiteit Twente, Enschede
Computer simulations of lipid membranes and clathrins Raimond Heukers
[(0)30 253 9329]
Over the last decade, the Computational BioPhysics group at the University of Twente has developed a number of techniques to study the properties of lipid membranes by computer sim … read more
04-07-2012 Graça Raposo
Institute Curie, Paris, France
Endosomal Dynamics in the regulation of Pigmentation Willem Stoorvogel
[(0)30 253 2454]
07-09-2012 Carlos G. Dotti
K.U.Leuven Department of Human Genetics
Survival and plasticity in the aged brain: contribution of age-associated cholesterol and sphingomyelin content changes Bernd Helms
[(0)30 253 5375]
17-09-2012 Tamotsu Yoshimori
Department of Genetics, Osaka University, graduate school of Medicine
16 Years of Autophagy: towards Understanding The Intracellular Self-Degradation System Sustaining Life Fulvio Reggiori
[(0)88 755 6551]
Autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved membrane trafficking from the cytoplasm to lysosomes, which was discovered nearly half a century ago. In autophagy, the unique double membr … read more
17-10-2012 Prof. Gero Steinberg
University of Exeter, UK
Novel insightt in motor function from the model system Ustilago maydis Willie  Geerts
[(0)30 253 2885]
Host: Prof. dr. Geert JPL KopsDept of Medical Oncology and Dept of Molecular Cancer Research University Medical Center Utrecht Email:
02-11-2012 Vesa Olkkonen
Minerva Foundation Institute for Medical Research, Helsinki
Oxysterol-binding proteins: Sterol sensors with emerging roles in cell regulation? Bart  Gadella
[(0)30 253 5386]
co-host F. van Kuppeveld
09-11-2012 Nils Faergeman
University of Southern Denmark, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Integrated Omic-Technologies Identify Novel Functions of the Transcription Factor SBP-1/SREBP in C. elegans Toon de Kroon
[(0)30 253 3424]
Stable isotope labeling by amino acids combined with mass spectrometry is a widely used methodology to quantitatively examine metabolic and signaling pathways in yeast, fruit flies … read more
16-11-2012 Eva-Maria Krämer-Albers
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Membrane traffic in myelinating cells: endocytic recycling and exosome secretion Peter van der Sluijs
[(0)88 755 7578]
07-12-2012 Thomas J. Silhavy
Princeton University, New York, USA
Divide and Conquer: Genetic dissection of the β-barrel assembly machine Jan  Tommassen
[(0)30 253 2999]
The outer membrane (OM) of Gram-negative bacteria functions as a protective barrier. It is unusual because the OM bilayer is asymmetric; the inner leaflet is composed of phospholi … read more
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